Part 1: Listening to our Whole Selves

with Kate Kennedy PT

May 17-18 OR October 18-19

In this class you will learn:

Practical tools and techniques for listening to and interpreting the messages your bodies sends you.

To efficiently receive and filter the flood of information your brain is bombarded with every day.

To identify your own decision making styles and to develop a variety of strategies to make better and more satisfying decisions.

To work with the factors that block good decision making and to make peace with your past decisions.

You make decisions every day, from what to eat for breakfast to what kind of healthcare to choose in a crisis. You are flooded with invitations to choose between supplements, health foods, new and improved therapies, and articles and blogs to tell you why all your choices are flawed....or good...or not fast enough....

Information can be empowering but too much can be paralyzing. It is only though accessing your own ability to resonate with what is truly right for you that you can make the best and most satisfying choices in all areas of your life.

Kate Kennedy has been helping clients listen to their bodies for over 20 years through her practice of Manual Therapy using CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and other related therapies. She deepened her practice six years ago with the addition of Brain Technique and discovered that listening to both brain and body allowed clients to access much deeper and more efficient pathways to health and healing. Working with people of all ages and conditions in 3 countries has deeply convinced Kate of the wisdom and creative problem solving abilities which are present in all of us. She believes that we are all intuitive beings who can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processing by honoring both our intellect and our feelings.

This class introduces and adapts manual therapy and dialogue techniques which Kate has used in her practice for anyone to use at home. You will use meditation, movement, discussion and lecture to explore the process of decision making from a body mind perspective and gain practical tools to deal with feelings as they arise. You will leave with a greater awareness of your own inner wisdom and increased resources for decision making.

Class will meet from 4-8pm Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday

The Sanctuary at Ascension Lutheran Church, South Burlington, Vermont

Cost: $250

To register, please contact : katekennedypt"at"yahoo.com or 802-578-3339